He never realized how much I loved him and any fool could have seen that but the one fool I wish did, didn’t. Well, maybe I was the fool for thinking he’d ever know. Maybe the man was absolutely clueless to my lasting desire to touch every part of his glowing soul with healing hands and pray we’d see the holy spirit. It was my stupid belief that he would notice. My stupid hope that he too did love me. There’s infinite denial in our hearts. I did love him but I wouldn’t admit that to anyone. He wouldn’t either so I wonder if he even loved me. Regardless of it all, it doesn’t matter because he’s gone and I’m gone which means… We lost.

It’s hard to forget
that I had you once.
Never leaves my mind,
the thought of consumption
you have over me.
Yes, you were once mine.
It’s hard to forget,
that you were actually mine.

This life I lead, it’s lonely.
There’s faces everywhere around me, but mine is the only.
The only one I see.
But the face I recognize isn’t me.

I’m too far gone, I’m six feet deep.
From the norm I used to know.
A light, a feather, an easy glow.
A smile, a laugh, is becoming something I’ve never known.

A teardrop, a cut, a bleeding wound.
An aching heart of a whining fool.
A shadow of a stranger, the fear that comes with an unexplained danger.

An effortless beating of the heart.
Sitting next to a mirror is a stranger.
And we sit in the dark.

This anger I have inside me.
It’s so intense that I don’t know how to hide it.
I don’t hate but if that’s what you’re trying to do.
I’m this close to despising you.


Typewriter Series #718 by Tyler Knott Gregson


Typewriter Series #718 by Tyler Knott Gregson

You’re a new thought that’s consumed my mind.
One kiss but it’s the only thought my memory can find.

Your intentions could be cruel, I don’t see the wrong in you but then again I’m probably blind.
And yet even that isn’t entirely true.

I know you for who you are and not who you’re portraying to me.
Who to be. Why. For what.
But a lie is simple if it gets you what you want.

A devious, evil, scheming plot.
The plot to capture my feelings for you and stick them in a jar along with the rest of those broken hearts.

See I’ve seen the wrong in you.
And I see what you do.
But do you even see that I see you?
It’s clear you don’t and because of that - In the game of love, I’m the heart you’ll never break.

If I could find the words but you’ve left me speechless that I’m completely breathless.

Put your lips on mine and give me that last grasp of air.
Touch my cheek lightly, run your fingers through my hair.

Line my scalp, look into my eyes.
That longing for love - you’ll see it inside.

The subtle image of you has passed my memory.
Like a broken wing and a lost dream, its no longer our destiny.

And I leave my last teardrop in the ocean.
When you find it, keep it.
If its all you have left of me, I have nothing more to say.

Besides a picture in a frame, that you threw in the trash because you thought “it’s better this way.”
You lost our bond, and broke our pact.

Did we ever love? What did we actually know about love.
Fighting a feeling so intense to barely grip the end of something we thought would really last.

A concerning, needing, never let go, kind of grasp.
But our time has passed.
And foggy nights have become clear skies.

With all around us, inconsistently pulling us near, we’ll still not reunite.
Because we’ve had our time.
And your time is no longer mine.

Sometimes all I want to do is just talk to you.
But then I remember all the reasons we don’t speak.
My heart works differently with you not around me.
Maybe it’s beating slower, I must need you near me.

I can only blame the distance for pulling us away from each other.
I could blame it all but really I just pray we’ll find each other again before we find another.

A woman could not love you like the way I do.
I’d give my soul and every thing I have.

If you didn’t find me once more, I’m afraid I could never love again.
Because if it’s not you that I am loving, there’s no one to be loved.

With all this alcohol, I still remember what you mean to me.

I thought I’d drown you out but you’re still the biggest part of me.

What the mind forgot, the whiskey remembered.

And I loved you then and now still until forever.